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5 Years of Being in the Restaurant Business has prepared me Well For Entrepreneurship! There is where I learned to Work for what I wanted Under Pressure, Despite the Distractions. It taught me to be of Service to people and their needs. It taught me to sell. It taught me to Hustle! It was the Best Business School I could have ever attended! I Am The Mind ReSet Coach
Reach for your potential, and Live your life on Purpose!
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About This Site

This is The Inner Circle. No nonsense Marketing Training and Personal development .

The Vision I have for you is to Compress your time and Crush the learning Curve so YOU can 

BE a Professional.


Lesson 1:

Before You Begin


Lesson 2:

The TOOLS you Will NEED and My Recomendations


Lesson 3:

The 7 CORE Concepts Of Video Marketing


Lesson 4:

Crafting Your IN VIDEO Content


Lesson 5:

KILLER Description Box Structure


Lesson 6:

Social Media Optimization And TRIBAL Syndication


Lesson 7:

The FIVE Must Have Videos For Your Channel


Lesson 8:

YT Channel Set Up For MASSIVE Success


Lesson 9:

Bonus ONE Overcoming Camera Shy


Lesson 10:

Bonus Two How NOT to Share Your Videos On FB


Lesson 11:

Bonus Three Google Hangouts


Lesson 12:

Bonus Four FB Video Basics


Lesson 13:

Bonus Five Subscriber Engagement


Lesson 14:

Bonus Six Channel Art


Lesson 15:

Bonus Seven FB Video Features

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